To celebrate Mother's Day this year, we have gathered an amazing group of women who inspire us daily not only in their female entrepreneurship but motherhood as well. They hold it down for everyone in the family, wear every hat in the closet (plus some) & do it all while building brands that amaze.These women are the epitome of what J. LOWERY stands for and remind us why all mothers are the true heroes, today and everyday. First up...



Hollis McFadden (L) and Tatum Williams (R), the duo behind beloved children's brand Sun House Children's. Hollis creates all of the brand's truly stunning textiles while Tatum serves as the brand's creative director.  

Tell us a little about your company. What are you most excited for in 2021? 

Sun House Children's is a clothing & swimwear line for littles, rooted in timeless design. With our inspiration being drawn from classic interior design, old world textiles and vintage patterns, we aim to create pieces and prints that stand the test of time. In 2021 we are so excited to reveal our very first collections for each season. This will be our first full year operating and offering our products and we couldn't be more thrilled to get our things into the hands of our lovely customers.


Simple, yet powerful advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

We would tell other female entrepreneurs to ask lots of questions and pay attention. Learn as much as you possibly can from anyone you can! Develop relationships and surround yourself with a network of people who can lift you up when needed and give sound advice when you don't know the answers. Connect authentically with other entrepreneurs. Let yourself DREAM MORE and GO. FOR. IT.

Sun House Children's co-founders, Hollis with here 3 boys & Tatum with her 3 girls. All decked out in precious Sun House finds, shop here.

In what ways has motherhood changed the way you lead your business? 

Motherhood paired with launching a business has forced us to really focus on finding balance in all areas, as well as the value of time management. If there is anything we want to be as mothers, it is PRESENT. Efficiency and staying lean in what we take on and say yes to seems key in being truly present with our families while also growing this brand. We are learning as we go!!


Proudest mama milestone to date? 

Tatum: Seeing my girls think of others without being prompted is when I feel most proud. They still have so much to learn, but I see bits of their personalities coming out that exude love and tenderness towards others. Setting the table for a loved one’s birthday all by themselves, making cards to say thank you, sharing something they treasure with a sister… these littles moments are very special for me as their mom.

Hollis: Being a mother to 3 boys keeps me on my toes.  They seem to move in 3 different directions at all times.  My boys are wild, loud, and they have our house in a constant state of disrepair but wow do they have big hearts!  They love as hard as they play and that is everything to me!
Tatum's J. LOWERY of choice, the William in Dove Blue Python, and Hollis's spring/summer J. LOWERY is the Max Mini in White.

What’s your favorite feature about your new J. LOWERY?

The quality of a J. LOWERY bag is second to none. We LOVE the stunning materials used and the minimal yet ever-chic vibe of their pieces. The William has a strong magnetic closure which is a detail that we appreciate. We also love Max Mini for its metal details.. it feels fancy while still being super functional. The bucket shape is fantastic for finding items in a flash!

Shop their J. LOWERY picks: 


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