Say hello to our latest mom hero, Morgan Hutchinson—founder of the mom inspired Los Angeles clothing line, BURU.  BURU was born out of necessity, when founder & CEO Morgan Hutchinson gave birth to her daughter, Olive. She struggled to find functional clothes that were also fashionable and knew this "aha" moment had to be something worth exploring. Fast forward 7 years from launch, Morgan has built a go-to destination for her customers and followers. Aside from the ease of one stop shopping on the site, Morgan herself floods Instagram and her blog with advice and support for finding the balance in motherhood and doing it all while feeling your best both mentally and physically.
A true love and passion for textiles (established from Morgan's interior design & fashion industry backgrounds) are at the heart of the BURU line and her decision to domestically produce in LA. A look inside BURU's Micro-factory (L) and a collection of her curated, functional textiles in final stages (R). 

If you follow Morgan (@shopburu) on Instagram, it's easy to understand how she has built such a loyal following. We have only known Morgan for a short time, but are here to confirm that she is just as wonderful in person as she is on social media. We had the pleasure of asking her a few questions on motherhood, entrepreneurship, and her latest successful collaboration with Brooklyn Decker. Read further to see what she had to say...

EO, Founder / Morgan Hutchinson

BURU founder, Morgan Hutchinson, styled her William in Stone with their recently dropped On and Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve In Ivory. Shop here.


What are you most excited for in 2021? 

MH: 2021 has been quite a year so far! Though I'm excited for what the rest of this year holds, I must say that I'm incredibly proud of The Heirloom Collection which I designed with Brooklyn Decker and recently launched for Mother's Day. The styles are timeless, multi-generational, mom-friendly AND responsibly manufactured in our own DTLA factory. It was a JOY to create this with her....and I've been on cloud 9 since launch day!


BURU's most recent collaboration: The Heirloom Collection highlighting sustainability in fashion. A design collaboration of Morgan and Brooklyn Decker, #buruxbrooklyn.

Simple, yet powerful advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

MH: It's okay to be vulnerable and emotional when it comes to your business. As entrepreneurs (who happen to be women) I feel we are often pushed to stand strong and check our emotions at the door.  This is ridiculous to me. Especially when "emotions" lead us to many of our "great ideas". Our ability as women to feel and relate to others' emotions is one of the many things that makes us so unique. We should harness it and use its power.


(L) Morgan in her element. She is the face and life of BURU, making every try on and collection drop personalized and special, see what we mean here. (R) Morgan with the beloved BURU Bus. They truly make the line as shopper friendly as possible bringing collections to you to book private shopping sessions in this mobile showroom.  

What’s your favorite feature about your new J. LOWERY?

MH: Where to begin!? Though I truly adore her dreamy, neutral color—I think her size might be my absolute favorite thing about her. She's big enough to hold a diaper, wipes, credit cards and other essentials and small enough to dress up for a special event or night out!
Shop Morgan's J. LOWERY favorite: 


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